The story about our founding partners

Strong entrepreneurship, dozens of years of expertise in the technology sector and the honest ambition to take IT sourcing to a new level— these are the common drivers of Hutix's founding fathers. Human Titans X, a name with a story and a solid cross-pollination of three entrepreneurs with a shared vision.

Styn Vanhove | Founding Partner I

Styn is the driving force behind HUTIX. He has an impressive history as CFO at companies such as Aldi, AUSY Group and Tobania. His dream was to start a new, lean and mean, employer-centric IT consultancy where the employees are the heart of the company.

Xavier Van Looy | Founding Partner II

At Tobania, Styn met Xavier Van Looy, the co-founder and former CFO of TOBIUS and Tobania Group. After leaving Tobania in 2017, Xavier took a sabbatical, but his thirst for business remained intact. In early 2020, Xavier supported the launch of HUTIX, confident in its well-founded business plan and fresh, headstrong approach.

Marc Coppens | Founding Partner III

An ambitious plan for a new IT company based on a story of Titanium and Greek mythological figures? It's THE perfect scenario for born entrepreneur Marc Coppens, known from Yuki, which quickly achieved name and fame in the Belgian world of financial software. His vision of entrepreneurship always starts with a strong DNA and a focus on people. The perfect basis for investing in HUTIX.

HUTIX's foundation is ambitious, adventurous and an asset to the Belgian IT sector.

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