We at Hutix don't invest in an expensive job website, we choose to invest in our communities instead. Our customers and employees come first and we like to make that clear by investing both our time and resources in them to the maximum extent. Therefore, with a daily average rotating number of 100 open functions at our customers, we deliberately chose to focus on a qualitative search instead of maintaining a huge database of open positions.

We keep our eyes open and are constantly hunting for Titans to join our tribe. Being an IT or business professional, do you see yourself as a Titan or would you like to know more about our current open positions? Send us your CV to or check out our LinkedIn page for our generic vacancies for spontaneous applications.


HUTIX is an independent and innovative Belgian IT and Business sourcing partner that matches IT talent with interesting opportunities at vibrant SMEs and companies with growth ambitions. We are the right partner for driven and experienced IT and Business professionals looking for a new job in domains such as support, infrastructure, development, business consultancy or testing. We level up IT and Business consultancy with our HUman TItan X tribe (HUTIX) and our innovative way of working.

| EMPLOYEES COME FIRST |At HUTIX, employees come first. We make every effort to offer our employees exciting challenges that strengthen their careers and fulfil their personal ambitions. We continuously listen to the wishes and expectations of our employees. Meet and greet our exclusive tribe with a wonderfully quirky business atmosphere including HUTIX Labs, after works and much more!

| A COMMUNITY OF TITANS |HUman TItans X, or HUTIX. There is no better way to describe our unique business DNA. Like the twelve powerful Greek Titans, we are a unique breed. We are driven by an indomitable passion for IT and Business and are always keen to achieve results. Together, we make up an exclusive community of IT talent that strengthens one another and dares to challenge companies.

| CREDIBLE SHAREHOLDER BASE|The driving force behind HUTIX are experienced professionals in the Belgian tech industry, with a combined total experience of 70 years in IT and Business consultancy. Our goal? Forming long-term connections between passionate talents and ambitious companies. Hell yes, we know our trade through and through, and we bear the HUTIX brand with pride.

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