Meet Paulo, senior system engineer with a true passion for IT

Hi there! My name is Paulo. I am a senior system engineer at Hutix. I have always carried the greatest fascination for IT. Working at a company that shares that same passion? Yes, please! So they handed me the opportunity to join Hutix’s clan as one of their Titans; I seized it with both hands. The follow-up of their consultants, their ambition to grow, and their focus on the human aspect are priceless. But I am getting ahead of things. I will tell you all about my Hutix experience. Sit back and enjoy the ride. 

A refreshing experience

A few months ago, I was looking for new employment. I worked for the Federal Police's emergency center and De Lijn. There I developed a soft spot for jobs with a particular social impact. One day, I got a phone call from a friendly guy: Niels (Theunissen), business partner at Hutix. He had a project with KBC coming up and was looking for the perfect fit. Given my previous work experience there, and the great interest KBC showed in me, he called me to discuss work opportunities. My first contact with Hutix was very smooth, human, and candid. I appreciated this way of getting acquainted. It was a refreshing experience.

A go-getter and a jack-of-all-trades

My job at KBC is to tackle and solve everything that isn’t working. In an IT company, you have people with different areas of expertise: network specialists, hardware experts, etc. The questions that come to me are either ones that nobody knows what to do with because they require multidisciplinary knowledge or questions that carry a certain complexity. Unlike most IT professionals, I have no specialization in a particular branch of our profession. I'm a jack-of-all-trades. That is why this job fits me like a glove. I’m not too fond of regularity and band work. But weird and strange issues? Love them! Give me a problem, and I will quickly acquire and apply the necessary knowledge, resulting in an insightful solution. I’m a go-getter, somewhat like our CEO. He is very ambitious and determined to grow as much as possible with Hutix, but without losing sight of the human aspect.

A magical fascination for IT

I remember my dad coming home with an IBM PC XT one day, the first PCs in 1983. I was five years old. The moment he turned on the computer and I saw the screen appearing, was magical. I thought: "This is it!” I was instantly enchanted and knew that this was where my future lay. IT has always been the closest thing to magic for me. A computer program is not tangible or physical. It is a power representation in a metal box that allows people to fly into space; listen to music; and see our most precious person, all the way on the other side of the planet.

I still cherish the same admiration for IT that I’ve had since I was a little boy. I used to want to discover everything there is to in information technology. Because of my many years of work experience, I have seen everything there is to see. Now there are rarely new things that throw me off track. The endless applications and possibilities of IT now fascinate me the most. A company like Hutix, which thinks about its social value, is essential to me. Being concerned with what you achieve as a company and what mark you leave on society is, for me, key to a good workplace.

A genuine appreciation

There is a mutual camaraderie at Hutix, and everything feels genuine. I find the CEO's drive and ambition very contagious. When I see what Hutix has already achieved in the relatively short time they have been in existence, I think, "Wow. I want to ride this one out and see where it takes us." I appreciate the way they treat their employees. Hutix doesn't shy away from difficult questions. I find their transparency refreshing and rare. More than that: I have recommended an ex-colleague to apply for a job at Hutix. I would never do this if I weren’t entirely convinced of the company’s value. I love working for Hutix; that’s why I’m already recommending people to join our team.

Hutix is constantly open to dialogue and has an eye for reaching a solution together. That is priceless.

Are you curious about our vacancies? Check out our LinkedIn page for our openings, and maybe you’ll be joining our clan of Titans soon!

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