Hutix’s way of working: a custom solution to your IT problem

At Hutix, we make it our professional goal to excel at the essentials in the IT business. As an IT consultancy firm, our daily job consists of two main parts. On the one hand, we strive to find our IT consultants jobs that match their abilities. Depending on their skills, they can be assigned to different levels at different companies. At Hutix, the choice of work field is entirely yours. As a talent, you are in control of your career. You get to choose the branch you would like to work in.

On the other hand, we support companies looking for IT consultants. We achieve a higher success rate by listening to our client’s needs and then using that information to find a suitable candidate for the job. Our clients can depend on us, knowing that we will always support them with driven and experienced candidates. Of course, there are several reasons why a company would want to rely on Hutix’s expertise to find the most suitable candidate for the job. Let’s dive into the two main reasons to rely on Hutix’s outstanding consultants to relieve your workload.

Are you looking for an IT or Business Consultant? Hutix will go to great lengths to find the perfect candidate for your IT job!

Ad hoc projects

Do you find yourself snowed under by a big project? You likely already have your A-team working on the project, but what about your other projects? They also require professional attention to maintain a continuously high-quality workflow. That’s where Hutix and their Titans come to the rescue. We love ad hoc projects! You give us the details, and we find you the perfect match for the job.

At Hutix, we go to great lengths to ensure the right consultant for the job. Maybe you need an experienced consultant to get a project up and running until you have found a more permanent employee to strengthen your team. Maybe you want us to match you with the perfect consultant to stay with you for the entire duration of the project. Whatever position you find yourself in, we understand the importance of client and candidate satisfaction. It is not uncommon for projects to last three to four years and, if it works, why change a winning team? When the ad hoc project comes to an end, there is always the possibility to extend the contract with our IT consultant. We leave this decision up to both of you.

Are you looking for a job as an IT or Business consultant? Check our vacancies, and who knows, maybe you’ll be our next Titan!


Being a successful company, you tend to focus on matters within your expertise. Nevertheless, you may find yourself with an IT project somewhat outside your comfort zone. Determined to deliver high-quality work, you need to outsource the project to someone experienced in that specific IT sourcing domain. Hutix to the rescue!

We propose consultants with a range of competencies suitable for your project. Our IT consultants help build up the IT strength in your team for as long as necessary. The benefit is that if the tasks that you want to outsource are of unique expertise to your company, you don’t need to train someone and waste time starting the project. As soon as we find a match for the job, you can launch your project.

Are you intrigued by the simplicity of outsourcing various projects to our highly-experienced IT consultants? Or are you interested in the opportunity to work for different companies throughout your career? Get in touch, and maybe we can join forces!

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